Art Director Behind Artifact Uprising Shares Pro Photoshoot Planning Tips


Name: Katelyn Stetler, Art Director at Artifact Uprising
Shoot Location: Modern Rustic via

We are obsessed with all the Artifact Uprising products! As Art Director, what does your day to day look like? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Each day brings something different! It’s one of the best parts of my job. One day I could be sketching out designs for upcoming products and other days could be spent directing a photo shoot for a new launch. I draw a lot of inspiration from our customers. Every new product starts with a problem. How can we create items that honor the moments in our customer's lives? How can we make tangible the memories that give way to stories and legacies left behind? We're starting to move more into the home goods space this year which is really exciting! 


When you’re looking for locations to shoot, what details totally catch your eye and scream “Artifact Uprising”? 

We always look for light-filled spaces since we like to keep things as natural as possible, but we stray away from picture perfect spaces. We want homes that feel like someone actually lives there, not like a static stage set. That’s what’s so great about Home Studio! These spaces are inhabited by real humans and it’s nice for our customers to see our products integrated into their homes.


Tell us a little more about the Modern Metal Frames launch! What was the inspiration behind the shoot? 

This is a new style for us and the sleek, slimmed down frame profile is my favorite! I think the word “metal” can be scary to some people, but what it really provides is that bit of contrast that a lot of spaces need without the heaviness of a thick frame. We wanted to make sure the shoot reflected that. We kept things simple and wanted to highlight how the frames on their own can make a statement. The photos within the frames are just as important as the images we shoot. From a stunning high quality wedding photo to a snap from your recent travels (I love photos of textures like plants, flowers, or water that evoke a feeling without having to worry if you like how you look) to an iPhone snap of your little one exploring - you’ll see them all reflected in our marketing. I’m a firm believer that the pieces in your home should make you happy. No one else has to think it’s a perfect photo except for you. Let that be enough. Let your home be a reflection of a life well lived.

What tips do you have for someone looking to style these frames in their home? 

Frames don’t have to feel like such a commitment. You can hang a single frame above a chair and its solitude will make a statement or you can layer a few size frames on a credenza for a more effortless look. Our goal is to take the intimidation out of printing your photos and hit home the idea that if it matters to you, it matters. My biggest piece of advice, simply start



Overall, what was your Home Studio experience like?  

My Home Studio experience was more than I could’ve expected! The process was seamless from choosing the locations, to setting up the details to meeting with the homeowners on the actual shooting days. I was so surprised how sweet and accommodating each homeowner was. A lot of them tend to be photographers, stylists, or in some sort of creative field so they understand what’s necessary to get the shot - even if that means moving all of their furniture around. More often than not they were just interested in what we were doing and wanted to help however they could. We even had one homeowner jump into a few of our shots to act as a model! You never know when ideas will strike and it’s fun working with people who are just as excited to have you in their space.

Love this photoshoot space? You can book it for your own shoots! 

Space: Modern Rustic in San Francisco, CA